…I want to move with the characters,
move with them and describe the world in which they are living.
—Gay Talese

Morrow Star is a personal project of one person with the help of many. I, that person, am a former staff and freelance photojournalist. I wanted to create something to fill a void that I felt existed in a medium that I love. My motivations may be selfish, for I longed for the kind of assignments that seemed to no longer exist. I wanted to be astonished, transported, and changed as a contributor and as a reader. I wanted to better know the place where I lived. I wanted to once again be assigned stories that brought me into contact with history and memory, with the struggle and grit, with the beauty and tenacity of life in the Southwest. I wanted to read stories that addressed the universal—that were not afraid to answer the question ‘why’ without veiled moralization, agendas and advocacy. I wanted to once again be involved in stories as a contributor and reader that engaged, surprised, and enriched me. Thus, this.

—Rick Scibelli, Jr.